Optimizing safety is the hallmark of our commercial driving education.

At Trusted King Transportation Drivers University, optimizing safety is our top priority. Our expert team has designed our CDL, recertification, and hazmat training courses to ensure that our students possess the core competencies needed to become responsible and safe drivers on the road.

Our goal is to refine our students’ driving skills to prepare them for successful careers in the transport and trucking industry. We believe that gaining knowledge about road safety is essential for every driver’s license holder in the US.

Badge 1: Locally Owned and Operated  Badge 2: 95% Pass Rate  Badge 3: Safest driving Records in the Southeast

Services We Provide

Our courses guarantee better driving practices in terms of safety and efficiency.

CDL Training

CDL Training

Secure your Commercial Driver’s License with our specialized courses.



Renew your certification with the accessible refresher courses we offer.

Hazmat Training

Hazmat Training

Learn professional ways to handle any hazardous goods for transport.


Course Benefit

Trusted King Transportation Drivers University believes that gaining knowledge about road safety and responsible driving are the core competencies each driver’s license holder in the US should possess. Our experts designed our courses to refine our student’s driving skills in preparation for their future endeavors in the transport and trucking industry.

For our course completers who have landed driving-related professions after graduating, we offer a mentorship program to help them excel in their new careers. We understand the challenges that new drivers face in their careers, which is why we are committed to providing our graduates with ongoing support and guidance. Call us to learn more about our services.

If you are looking to start or enhance your career in the trucking industry, look no further than Trusted King Transportation Drivers University. Our courses are designed to optimize safety, refine your driving skills, and prepare you for a successful career on the road.

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