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Mentorship Program

The Trusted King Transportation Drivers University Mentorship Program is a (1) year continuation of our astute CDL Training Program. The foundational principle of the University’s Mentorship Program is “Safety First.” Our mentorship program continues the professional development of our most valuable resources: our new drivers. The program allows us to maintain our safe reputation by helping create confident truck drivers and providing unmatched support to the graduates of Trusted King Transportation Drivers University.

Our mentors facilitate extraordinary professional growth by sharing skills, techniques, and road experiences to assist new drivers in becoming acquainted with their employers and the ever-changing industry. Mentorship by our University Master Drivers provides comfort. A more personal relationship can take some of the pressure off the new employee and allow them to feel more comfortable asking questions.

Driver trainers and mentors are an essential part of a successful training program and the mentorship process. Trusted King Transportation Drivers University is intimately familiar with what it takes to get a brand-new driver entering the industry from the start of their training into a role as a seasoned driver. It takes a lot of training, commitment, and professional development.

We firmly believe that our graduates are a permanent part of the Trusted King Transportation Drivers University Team, and their development is critical to the safety and future of our highways.

  • Master Drivers will administratively track each graduate for (1) year.
  • Master Drivers will send a minimum of (1) email correspondence monthly.
  • Master Drivers will have a minimum of (1) audible conversation with the graduate up to (1) year after graduation.

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