We recognize that a large part of attending truck driving school is determining the cost and payment.  We have listed below financial resources which will help you develop a financial plan and resolution.

Invest in your future with an ISA

An Income Share Agreement (ISA) is a flexible type of funding where you receive your tuition in exchange for a fixed percentage of your future income for a set period of time. You will only make payments after graduation, once you have a job. Payments will adjust with your income, aligning with your success, and will always be affordable. 

Tuition flexibility allows you to learn and pay your tuition in a manner that works for your financial situation. 

Pay simply with a Payment Plan

Pay for your tuition over time with a Payment Plan. This option allows you to defer upfront tuition and make fixed payments until your tuition is paid. Take the opportunity to begin learning without having to pay the full tuition upfront! 


Get the best of both with Hybrid Structures a Hybrid structure combines Payment Plans and Income Share Agreements (ISAs) to provide you with the most convenient and flexible option! A Hybrid Structure is an agreement where you pay a fixed portion of your tuition throughout the course in the form of a Payment Plan, then pay the remaining balance as an ISA, post-graduation. Since you’ve already paid off a portion of your tuition as a Payment Plan, you will pay the remaining balance due, which is now much lower than the amount on your contract, as an ISA once you have a job. Payments will adjust with your income as they would in a traditional ISA.

Other options below are listed: 

  • SC Works Employment Training Programs - WIOA

  • Military Educational Funding

  • Goodwill Industries

  • Employer Tuition Assistance/Reimbursement

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Church Scholarship Funds

  • Personal Loans



Tuition Assistance: