The Time is Right. Claim Your Job!

As with most things in life, things change.

The trucking industry is definitely feeling a shift -- the severe shortage of qualified truck drivers on America's highways and byways.

There are an estimated 51,000 jobs available, maybe even more by now, that need to be filled by drivers as you read this.

The American Trucking Associations's website is full of information shedding light on the need. Trucking industry experts are constantly conversing about how to fix the problem. What can be done to close the gap?

Okay, so what does this mean for you? In short, a lot.

Today, the salaries, bonuses and incentives have recently shifted in favor of truck drivers. Companies realize the driver shortage is affecting their bottom lines immensely, and that solutions must be in put in place immediately.

With a huge majority of truckers retiring, the disinterest of younger prospects and regulations restricting the 18-20 year-old prospect pool, anyone interested in becoming a truck driver has a great advantage now.

Now's the time to get on a new career path. Why not truck driving?

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