10 Simple Tips to Pass Your CDL Exam

The video above is powerful. It talks about many things including mindset and winning.

For some of us, when we want something really bad, we'll do whatever is in our power to make it happen. That's the same level of energy you should devote to passing your CDL exam.

As a seasoned instructor and road warrior, I have a few tips I'll share with you, but it's up to you to apply them.

Here goes...

1. Enroll in a truck driver training program.

2. Adjust your schedule to accommodate your training.

3. Focus your mind from the get go on the end goal - getting your CDL.

4. Take it seriously by dedicating the time for studying and reviewing your training materials.

5. Ask your instructor for clarification if you don't understand or are having trouble.

6. Learn the SCDMV CDL Manual backwards and forwards.

7. Establish a positive rapport with your classmates and instructor.

8. Show up on time and ready to learn and execute your skills.

9. Practice good listening skills.

10. And lastly, channel any nervous energy or anxiety and see yourself winning!

The mind is a powerful thing. If you see yourself as successful and getting your CDL, the tips above are just confirmation of what you already know. And if it takes more than one attempt to pass, don't stop.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.  – Thomas Edison

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