our vision:

To create the safest, best trained and most efficient generation of truck driving professionals
on America's highways

our mission:

To offer premier CDL training to students and provide the trucking industry with the solutions for their talent acquisition needs

code of ethics:

Training - We will provide excellent training using a combination of road types, traffic conditions and driving situations to properly prepare students as professional truck drivers.


Safety - We will ensure that  D.O.T. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, as well as all other applicable laws, regulations and accrediting standards, are followed to promote required safety standards.


Diversity - We will not discriminate on enrollment based on a person's gender, sex, race, creed, or national origin.


Graduation - We will only graduate students who have demonstrated an understanding of the basic operation of the tractor-trailer and safe motor vehicle control and skills under all or most situations normally encountered in the trucking industry, and who meet federal, state, and local standards as required for professional truck drivers.


Instructors - We will provide training using instructors who are experienced and trained to properly teach students safe operations of commercial vehicles and are appropriately licensed and certified.