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Renew your certification with the accessible refresher courses we offer.

We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor at Trusted King Transportation Drivers University. Hence, we offer recertification training programs for commercial drivers (especially those who have left the industry for quite some time) who need a refresher on basic driving skills. We begin our recertification program with a thorough assessment of the driver’s personal skills, so we’ll know the areas we need to focus our syllabus on.

Like any training program, our recertification program will also center on discussing road safety and enhancing the driver’s skills that need refining. Our refresher courses usually cater to drivers who wish to regain their driving skills before seeking employment in the transport industry or those who are scheduled to take a test for the renewal of their CDL. Whatever your situation may be, our professional instructors will help you get back to the basics and instill within you a stronger foundation for commercial driving.

Explore Your Payment Options

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