It's simple. We serve anyone who is qualified to be on the road as a truck driver. And that's probably you!


The truck drivers of today are just like you and me. They have families, come from various backgrounds and work hard to live a good life. Some people have a faulty perception of what a truck driver "looks like". You can thank scary films and unflattering television portrayals of truck drivers for that imagery, but it's really far from the truth. The trucking community is quite diverse. The number of women in the profession has increased over the years, and minorities are well represented, too. And the idea that truck drivers are all rough around the edges, uneducated and unprofessional is a definite untruth as well.


TKT Drivers University knows that the first step in forging a successful truck driving career is to get the proper training. As a truck driving school, we take our responsibility seriously. Under the leadership of a proud military professional, the structure, curriculum, and training are designed to ensure our graduates succeed.


Lastly, we are especially proud to provide truck driver training to the people of South Carolina.